What is Meksi?

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Why Meksi

Preparing for assessments and examinations of any kind requires a lot of commitment and dedication, but without all the right learning tools in your possession, that commitment and dedication might potentially be wasted. For medical students looking to graduate and start practising, or existing doctors, surgeons and other medical practitioners either looking to take the next step in their careers or work overseas in community healthcare, they’re required to take the Objective Structured Clinical Examination, or OSCE.

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  1. Assessment type selection

    You can choose the Assessment type you would like to attempt.

  2. Select system / complaint / case

    If you have opted ‘PICK YOUR OWN MEKSI CASE’, you have to choose the System, Complaint and Case History to create an assessment.

  3. Patient & vignette details

    The Patient Case History details will be displayed.

  4. Time Reminder

    Remaining and elapsed time of the assessment will be displayed.

  5. Graphical representation

    The overall score of the assessment will be displayed in a pie chart.

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Meksi Solo

Meksi Solo is aimed at medical students who want to practise their clinical consultation skills by themselves, without the fear of judgement from their peers. Whether you prefer to practise with particular cases on your own, or you simply wish to test your skills in a completely non-judgemental environment, Meksi Solo allows you to practise case after case against the computer.

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