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International Medical Graduates

When a fully trained and qualified doctor or health care professional from overseas wishes to register to work in Australia, they are subjected to a number of evaluations, including the OSCE and ECFMG. Whether they just graduated from overseas medical schools or have already been established in the medical community, they are required to undertake the Australian medical council exam for International medical graduates. The graduates are required to meet the country’s standards (including both a Part 1 Theory and Part 2 OSCE), with the objective to find health care professionals capable of delivering a uniform standard of care that is considered among the very best.
For comprehensive IMG clinical preparation (or FMG clinical preparation for the American graduates), MEKSI is here with all the essential online preparation resources you need.

How MEKSI Can Help You

International graduates will be evaluated on their knowledge, their skills and their clinical experience. MEKSI gives you the opportunity to run through case content in the form of a patient consultation process. Users are able to practise repeatedly, with MEKSI allowing you to role play with a peer or work solo against the computer. By taking you through the process of a standard patient consultation, MEKSI requires you to follow the procedure of history taking, physical examination, investigation, differential diagnosis and management of condition. With the assistance provided by MEKSI, you’ll have the preparation you need to achieve the best results.

Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, MEKSI is the essential preparation tool for ECFMG & OSCE. Subscribe today or try it for yourself first for free with no obligation to buy