About Us

Problem-based learning at its best, with interactive AI simulated patients.

MEKSI is disrupting the field of medical education by replacing actors in the training of students to provide safe medical care. Actors are expensive and resource intensive whereas MEKSI is a cheap high fidelity simulator that can be used anytime anywhere. MEKSI is highly realistic in recreating the situational context for the doctor be it the emergency room, hospital or outpatient practise. It provides the user with an instant score card helping students prepare for exams and safe independent practice in a contactless environment.

Facing an exam or assessment without the right learning tools is detrimental to the success of a candidate. From medical student to pro, the Objective Structured Clinical Examination, or OSCE, is a must

The Inventor and Doctors at Meksi have identified current student competency appraisal/assessment methods are entirely manual, time consuming and not standardized. During studies and after, a doctor’s competence is constantly monitored.. Professionals are provided problems that need resolution, just as a medico is presented a patient with one or more symptoms. He/she explores the invalid’s medical history, conducts a physical examination, cross-checks with investigations and arrives at appropriate treatment of the case. Meksi emulates this exact scenario.