MEKSI Value Proposition

Most universities teaching medicine typically teach students theoretical concepts that can be difficult to apply to specific cases. To make it easier for students to practice what they’ve learnt in class, medical universities can use MEKSI – an innovative simulation tool that allows students to apply what they’ve learnt to simulated cases. MEKSI bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real- life consultations, helping to better prepare students for patient consultations.

Increase and Assure the Quality of Doctors from Your Institute

One thing that all reputable medical universities want for their graduates is for them to find fulfilling employment that enables them to apply all the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired. Of course, being able to draw on medical knowledge is one thing, but equally as important is being able to put that into practice. Which is so crucial to a successful doctor and patient consultation. These skills can’t be simply be learned from a book; they need to be practised and fine-tuned. MEKSI is a consultation simulation program that provides graduating medical students with the opportunity to practise their consultation skills in a controlled environment.

Why Your University Will Benefit from MEKSI

  • You’ll be working with a program that aims to create and promote a set of world class consultation guidelines that are recognised universally
  • MEKSI provides standardised teaching and skill enhancement materials
  • Through a comprehensive series of simulated consultation scenarios, MEKSI is able to take the preparedness of the potential doctors to the next level
  • The program aims to increase the pass percentages in clinical examinations, which reflects well upon the university
  • The university will be perceived as a leading educational facility that’s quick to adopt the latest technology

The User-Friendly Resource Your Students Will Love

MEKSI endeavours to provide university medical students with comprehensive testing options that allow them to assess their skills constantly and provide feedback that tutors can address in class. This enables tutors to understand the level a class is at as a whole, as well as each student individually.
One of the learning opportunities available is MEKSI Roleplay, which offers the option of assessing anywhere between 2 to 200 students allowing tutors and lecturers to conduct examinations that they monitor anytime and anywhere, in a cost and time effective manner.