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Australian Medical Council Exam Preparation

Medical professionals in Australia have the opportunity to become members of the Australian Medical Council Limited, an organisation which acts as an independent national standards body for medical education and training. Their key objective is to improve health standards in Australia and New Zealand by improving the quality and delivery of health and medical education. To become a member of the Australian Medical Council, applicants are required to take a clinical examination to ensure they meet the standards of the organisation. As is the case with any examination, preparation is crucial to a successful outcome. For superior quality Australian Medical Council exam preparation, look no further than MEKSI.

Clinical Examination Help for the Best Chance at Success

MEKSI, an acronym of Medical Knowledge Simulator, provides users with the world’s most extensive collection of simulated ‘real world’ consultation scenarios that cover a vast range of medical fields and specialties. The software tests graduates on their consultation skills with the aim of producing medical professionals of a world standard. MEKSI gives medical graduates and professionals undertaking AMC Step 1 or AMC Step 2 clinical the necessary preparation to facilitate the best chance of success. You can opt to role play the simulated consultations with a colleague or complete them online on your own, plus the platform allows you to refine your note taking skills with the useful Doctor’s Notes mode.

Available online 24/7, MEKSI provides users with superior quality clinical examination preparation anytime, anywhere. Subscribe and download today, or try first with our free, no-obligation trial.

Australian Medical Council Exam Preparation