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How Meksi Works

MEKSI simulations are used in a variety of learning, training and assessment scenarios. Simulation has revolutionised teaching of medicine by boosting essential consultation skills of trainees and junior doctors. Doctors who have mastered knowledge and procedural skills need to effectively engage with patients, their relatives and health care providers while juggling with constantly changing patient-care activities.

Meksi prepares medical novices and professionals to tackle real-life situations through practice in simulated consultation sessions against pre-set goals. Such role-play reinforces learning processes whenever needed. Mistakes are thus corrected, practices refined, enabling them bridge gap between precept and practice.

Meksi’s simulated training builds confidence to deal with varied cases. Doctors occasionally come across rare or unusual cases. Meksi has taken care of these too in its endeavour to provide medicos realistic exposure to such scenarios.

Meksi’s simulation tool helps develop several skills, viz. doctor-patient consultation, problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal and communication. Constructive feedback follows in the debriefing session after every training programme.


Meksi simulations assess candidates taking the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). There are several options for candidates to choose from.

Meksi Solo

Meksi Solo is aimed at medical students wanting to practise their clinical consultation skills by themselves, without fear of judgement by their peers. It allows practise of case after case against the computer, whether with specific situations or simply to test their skills, all by themselves and in a completely non-judgmental setting.

From content recall, the programme helps in asking questions to run a consultation. The guidance mode option sets the pace for learning and customizes assistance levels. Progress can be tracked, the spotlight then turned not only on content learnt but on asking relevant questions within the consultation’s framework.

Be it for last-minute cramming or use in daily practice sessions, Meksi Solo helps one retain knowledge gained through guided simulation of real life situations. It helps to track progress, highlight difficult areas and through instant feedback and comprehensive scoring reach higher levels of success. Institutions can monitor student progress or simply screen prospective applicants/candidates.