Medical Training Institutes – MEKSI Value Proposition

Increasing the Pass Percentages of Your Students

As an educator in the field of medicine, the success of your students is your ultimate aim. You’ll therefore know that beyond simply teaching students to become doctors, it’s important to educate students to become better doctors. However, a graduate can have all the skills and knowledge at their disposal, yet fall short as a doctor if they lack the skills to effectively get through a full consultation with a patient.

This is where MEKSI can help. This online program allows medical students to run step by step through a simulated consultation, either with another student in Role Play mode or against the computer in Solo mode. MEKSI gives students the opportunity to experience the process of a consultation, helping them refine and develop their skills without the pressure of diagnosing real life patients. It can be an ideal safe learning tool that’s perfect for a tutorial class.

The Benefits of MEKSI

MEKSI offers benefits not just for medical students and institutions but also for the individual educators who might have introduced the technology into the tutorial rooms. The program provides you with the opportunity to:

  • History taking
  • Physical examination
  • Investigation of symptoms and environment
  • Differential diagnosis, and management of condition
  • cardiovascular clinical exam in the OSCE
MEKSI allows candidates to practice what’s learnt in class by testing themselves at home. A comprehensive assessment score sheet is also provided that they can then bring into class to clarify with tutors and address any gaps in knowledge.
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