PESCI Training and Preparation Material

When foreign medical graduates and established medical professionals want to register to work in the medical profession in Australia, they must go through the process of sitting through a Pre Employment Structured Clinical Interview, better known as the PESCI. The PESCI is a requirement of registration in Australia, whether it’s for a short term or long term period, and it assesses candidates on their knowledge, skills and clinical experience. It’s a crucial part of the application, as the answers the candidate provides will determine whether or not they are granted registration.

As with any assessment or evaluation process, it’s always best to prepare beforehand so you can go in ready to make the ideal first impression. For the ideal PESCI preparation material, you can’t go past the comprehensive and highly detailed MEKSI software package. Discover how it can help you take the first steps towards advancing your career.

How MEKSI Can Help You with Your PESCI Interview

MEKSI, an acronym of Medical Knowledge Simulator, is the perfect PESCI interview preparation tool for medical professionals and graduates looking to register to work in Australia. Featuring sample medical interview questions and simulated consultations between doctor and patient that require candidates to go through the processes from beginning to end, MEKSI provides the PESCI training needed to make the best possible impression during your interview.

Give yourself the best chance at a successful medical registration in Australia with the comprehensive PESCI preparation material from MEKSI. Subscribe today or take advantage of our free, no-obligation trial offer first.