OSCE Preparation and Practice

Got your OSCE coming up and want your best chance at a successful outcome? Whether you’re a graduate looking to begin a career in practising medicine, or you’re an established medical professional looking to work for a community medicine organisation, you’ll be required to undertake and pass an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) before you can move forward in your career. As with any exam or assessment, it’s always wise to go in fully prepared in order to have your best shot at success. With MEKSI’s online OSCE preparation software available 24/7, you can get your essential OSCE practice done any time of the day or night.

What Does the OSCE Involve?

For the most effective OSCE preparation, it’s important to know what the examination process involves. The OSCE assesses graduating students of health sciences (including medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, dentistry, veterinary science and much more) on their skill performance in a clinical situation. These skills include clinical examination, communication, prescription of medical procedures, image evaluation, and interpretation of medical test results, among many others. The assessment simulates real world medical or health care situations between patient and professional. The student typically has between five and ten minutes at each scenario, each of which is set up as a ‘station’ in a circuit format with one or two assessors marking the student as they progress through each station.

MEKSI provides students of health sciences with simulated consultations that are ideal for OSCE practice, giving them the best chance of success for the consultation component of the OSCE assessment. MEKSI has three available modes, allowing you to practice by yourself, practice with a peer, or refine your note taking skills. Available online 24/7 and boasting the largest collection of standardised patient cases from medical professionals across the world, subscribe now for the very best OSCE preparation – or try before you buy with a free, no-obligation trial.