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Medical School Interview Coaching

With graduation getting ever closer and closer and the prospect of an exciting career waiting for you, the first step to success is the completion of your final OSCE. While you know MEKSI is an effective method of preparation for your OSCE, it also aims to help the transition into internship/residency programs to further your career in medicine upon graduation. For students in medical school seeking interview help or interview training after passing their final OSCE in order to acquire an internship or residency position, discover the benefits of subscribing to MEKSI. With the aim to help you to enter any setting with a level of confidence that only comes with practice, the online simulation of real world clinical consultations will provide the coaching you need for the best chance of success.

What is MEKSI?

MEKSI is one of the best medical school interview coaching resources available. Consisting of the world’s most expansive collection of standardised patient consultations, and available online 24/7 from anywhere in the world, MEKSI provides medical school students with simulated consultations between health care professionals and patients. They can either role play with a peer (with the peer taking the role of patient) or work through with the computer to practise the essential skills of history taking, physical examination, investigation of symptoms, differential diagnoses and management of condition. Work through as few or as many of these ‘real world’ scenarios as you like, any time of the day or night. The platform also allows a doctor or student to document their formulation of clinical cases, helping to refine note taking skills.

Medical school interview training and internship training has never been as comprehensive and as user-friendly as MEKSI. Subscribe today, or alternatively you can opt for our free, no-obligation trial.