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Medical Interview Prep for Community Medicine Positions

For many medical professionals, working in community medicine can be one of the most rewarding experiences of their career – and certainly one that will get a lot of notice on any resume. The doctors selected for these career opportunities of a lifetime need to be of the highest calibre, able to provide the highest level of healthcare to all members of the community. Finding the cream of the crop requires a stringent screening process though; one that guarantees all medical professionals are capable of delivering the same standardised quality of patient care anywhere in the world. Successfully passing the OSCE helps community medicine organisations find the best health care professionals, and MEKSI is the ideal software package to help participants prepare for the exam as well as provide a good assessment and indicator for recruitment agencies when hiring these doctors.

The concept of community medicine encompasses environments as diverse as inner city clinics that cater to people who are disadvantaged, through to rural practices that provide health care for entire regional towns. It is in environments like these that the staff might feel they’re underfunded or under-resourced, or as in the case of rural medicine, they’re so far away from everything that they’re worried about being left behind in the medical world. One area of medicine where everyone can come to operate at the same level is in the patient consultation stage. MEKSI provides medical students and doctors alike with the online tools to practise their consultation skills, encouraging the use of a universal language that enables medical professionals the world over to communicate at the same level no matter what their resources or funding. This ensures the level of healthcare for patients is at a high level no matter where they’re located.

How Does MEKSI Work?

MEKSI is the consummate medical interview prep tool that allows students to log in from anywhere across the world at any time of the day or night to take advantage of a wealth of resources and information from doctors and health care professionals. The online software package enables you to prepare for the OSCE by taking part in a clinical skills evaluation collaboration in role play form with either the computer or with another peer who is roughly at the same level as you. MEKSI enables users to engage in continuous practice for those who require it until they feel comfortable, and also provides upskilling opportunities for medical professionals looking to take the next step in their professional development, be it in community medicine or wherever else their careers take them.